Softwear by lex is a groundbreaking sustainable brand that brings together traditionally masculine and feminine practices to create interactive, 3D, and upcycled pieces. Founded in 2023 by Alexis Williams, Softwear by lex is the perfect marriage of Williams' interests in STEM and fashion. Williams uses microcontrollers, custom 3D printed pieces, and recycled tech to create pieces that often feature a dash of social commentary.

The brand's use of technology in fashion is what makes the brand truly unique. Williams' technical background in engineering allows her to use microcontrollers and custom 3D printed pieces to create garments that are both functional and visually stunning. This work is not only sustainable, but it is also pushing the boundaries of what is possible in fashion. Fashion is bigger, better, and more interesting than ever.

Inspired by the eclectic Gen-Z New York street style, Softwear by lex's collection is a nod to vintage silhouettes updated to fit the needs of the modern woman. Every garment is made-to-order, ensuring that there is no waste in the production process.

By purchasing from Softwear by lex, you are supporting a brand committed to sustainability, fair wages, and craftsmanship. Williams is breaking the mold in both fashion and STEM, and her pieces are a celebration of inclusivity and diversity. Join the movement and support Softwear by lex on its journey to revolutionize the fashion industry.

Contact for loans, custom and PR: team@alexisdenisew.com